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Released originally in September 2005, ALog ConVerter is an agentless (non-resident program) access log management tool. ALog ConVerter takes a server event log and looks for file access, domain logins, and other activity, providing all-in-one proprietary analysis and file compression for long-term storage.

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Restriction on the network such as Vendor lockin, carier lockin controls the development of operational application.

amigram's concept is to provide communication environment based on user's need, by providing user oriented next generation network to the current network.

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Verona is a service that builds freely and promptly its own private line by using internet with higher-security. CAS-Center using the cloud service, undertakes all your management operation such as configuration changes, fault mounting and log acquisition.
*This service is only sold in Japan.

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Hypersonix is a fully-managed "cloud hosted Wi-Fi LAN solution" service for business use. Hypersonix takes over your complicated operation, which means less trouble and less strain on system's operations and maintenance.
*This service is only sold in Japan.

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