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About Amiya

Our Business

Established in Dec 1996 Amiya corporation has 2 types of core business. One is the business that develops and sells security software package "ALog series". The other is IT infrastructure business that provides IT network platform related to customer ICT infrastructure needs.

Security business

Our security business has a main product "ALog ConVerter" which is a software that records log data of server where important data is stored.
Amiya started as an in-house development, and ALog has been a leading product with the No.1 market share in server log market in Japan.

IT infrastructure business

Amiya started with a network integration business that provides the best IT infrastructure to customer with expertise.
"Verona" / "Hypersonix" are Amiya's "network cloud solution" service to control all network devices from cloud center.

Results as a maker

  • ALog 11年連続 No.1 2006-2016 サーバーアクセスログ市場 国内シェア

    Server access log audit package
    share of shipment value

    "The present situation and futur outlook of Cyber Security Solution Market" [Governance&Audit edition]2018 version, issued on 2018 August.

  • クラウドVPNサービス Verona 3,000台突破!2016年度実績

    Global development

    Japan, Korea, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, USA... etc

  • クラウド無線LAN Hypersonix 8,000台突破! 2016年度実績

    Cloud wireless LAN service
    market share

    Source : Fuji Chimera Research Institute, Inc. "Marketing research related to communication" published in Sep 2017.

Overseas Business Development

We provide software support with local partners in Greater China/ ASEAN/ U.S.A/ Europe.

  • [Customer Base]
  • Greater China : Taiwan/ China
  • ASEAN : Singapore/ Thailand/ Vietnam
  • Other : USA/ England

From Japan to the rest of the world we are beginning to garner greater markets

  • Code Bali 2017
  • ASOCIO 2017
  • INTERPOL World 2017
  • RSA Conference 2016

Overseas Award Records

  • Taiwanese Ministry of Economic Affairs at
    "IPO Awards 2014"
  • APICTA 2016"Recognition award"

Company Growth Rate

Amiya network drives the growth of the company.
This network is woven with people, technology, product and ambition.


Research and development

Amiya's original SDN platform “amigram” which is developed from technology and experience on IT infrastructure business is a management platform which can configure virtual multi layer network from a cloud center.
amigram enables users to solve the various network problems related to performance of system and network, security, continuity and cost, in order to realize a high SLA and security.
This transformation enforces company competitiveness by concentrating on the core goals of your business.
amigram is used in various services in the world and also provides a service oriented platform to enterprise service providers.